No more slipping gears while shifting

Count on us to keep your transmission in perfect shape

Quality automatic transmission repairs

At the first sign of your transmission starting to slip, you can’t afford to ignore it. The longer you wait to fix any auto problem, the worse they’ll get, and this is especially true for your transmission. We service all electronic & conventional. 

Your best bet is to give a call to Arbogast Transmissions, your local transmission repair specialists. We’ve been locally owned for over 33 years providing the best repairs in Berks County. You can rely on our technicians to keep your automatic transmissions running smoothly, and now are repair manual transmissions as well.

Prevent future repairs today

Your safest route towards preventing costly repairs down the road is to stay on top of your routine maintenance today. Keeping one step ahead is the key to the longevity of your vehicle’s transmission, and we’re here to help you. Call today to set up an appointment for a transmission fluid flush or just for a quick inspection to make sure that you aren’t on the verge of major problems.

FREE Towing and Diagnostic services

You can count on Transmissions by Arbogast to provide you with an accurate estimate for your repairs and best of all, FREE Estimates with FREE Towing with Repair, and also FREE Road Test